Dr Sunil Kaul – The ANT

“To us in the ant, tdh Germany is more than just a funder. It is a partner with a commitment to child rights like no other. Through its processes, it keeps expanding our standards of care for children and youth, their participation and of their rights. Our partnership is part of their recent foray into the northeast of India, but the depth of our relationship is of matured partners ready to walk the extra mile for a shared vision of a world that is worth bequeathing to the next generations, for whom we hold it in precious trust!”

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Sachin Kumar Jain – Founder Director, Vikas Samvad

Partnership for us is not only financial support, but actually a humane agreement of co-creation and collective responsibility for universal wellbeing. Our partnership with tdh-GIP, is a set of actions for framing dreams and goals together; we have witnessed debates, arguments, and collectiveness at different times. Tdh is an institution with empathy and that is the reason it allows us, as a partner, to think and act comprehensively and act accordingly. Why it matters? It matters, because, in Vikas Samvad we intend to design interventions not only to conduct activities but also to create a thinking base around the issues and subjects by discussing 5 Ws and 1 H (What, Where, Wo, Why, When, and How) and Tdh-GIP provides this space for collective thinking.

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Cecilie Sircar – Lake Gardens women and Children Development Center

“Lake Gardens women and Children Development Center has been associated with TdH Germany India program since the past 18 years. Through all these years LGWCDC has got tremendous support from TdH not only by way of funds but also guidance on how to best achieve our goals. We are grateful to TdH for being by our side constantly.”

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Bharti Ali – Co-Director, Haq Centre for Child Rights

“Tdh is one of those few international NGOs who genuinely believe in learning together and moving ahead. HAQ’s partnership with tdh (Germany) goes beyond projects. It’s the issue, the ideological basis and the approach that aligns us. We truly cherish this partnership.”

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Roshni K. Nugehalli – Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA)

“YUVA was formally established with support from tdh and since then we have continued to maintain a strong relationship over the years.

Tdh believes in investing in equal partnerships, and the staff are sensitive to developmental realities and cultivate a culture of mutual respect with partners. Their holistic approach to child rights ensures that strategies on the ground are responsive and outcome oriented.“

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Georg Graf – Regional Representative, Freudenberg

“As a values-based technology group in family ownership, Freudenberg defines total success as financial success plus fulfilling our responsibility for society.  Freudenberg  encourages employees to engage in volunteering and to support non-profit organisations. Our CSR activities focus on giving people access to education and work, and encouraging environmental protection.

Terre De Hommes supports Freudenberg to identify and support opportunities for our communities and neighbors at all sites. Based on the experience of TdH and their quality checks it guarantees that we focus on the right projects, also from our motivation to initiate long-term oriented and sustainable projects.”

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Raghu Tewari – Managing Trustee, AMAN

“It has been a transformational journey of empirical learning to work with TDH in so many special ways. Co – decision model is a wonderful model which has transformed the working culture in many ways. It has democratized the whole functioning process of ideas and implementation.

It’s been a privilege and great pleasure to work with TDH since 2003. TDH’s motivation is inspirational in building perspective on the issue of Child right. It’s a great honor to let you know, AMAN’s work in margins of mountains in Child Right has got State Recognition.”

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Ms Anuradha Mohanty – Executive Director, People’s Cultural Centre [PECUC]

“Terre des hommes Germany is an organisation that values partnership.

It’s an amazing ride with tdh who believes in engraving their footsteps way beyond the projects scope and delivering selfless service for the less privileged people with focus on children with a right based approach.”

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S.M.Prithiviraj – Executive Director, CARE T

“TDH GIP has significantly influenced the effectiveness of Care T. Our impact has been appreciated widely because of the positive changes among the stressed children, workers, women, farmers and marginalized communities.

TDH GIP made a valuable contribution in our journey.”

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Mrs. Saraswathi – Director, RLHP Mysuru

“We convey our sincere gratitude towards tdh Germany for a solidarity based strong partnering since 1999. Tdh G is a unique Organization, focusing on the perspective of Child Rights & Human Rights especially on the rights of children from the vulnerable communities, women, dalits and tribals.

With the support of tdh Germany we have built strong child rights group in the slums and villages of Mysuru and were able to release all child labourers and make 56 slums and 22 villages child labour free. With total community participation child abuse, child trafficking and corporal punishment have vanished and child participation and protection of child rights became a reality.”

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