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About terre des hommes

terre des hommes India (Earth of Humanity), is a children’s aid organisation working with children, women and communities on the edges of society to transform their lives through progressive development and help reclaim their rights and follow their dreams.

terre des hommes believes in empowering children to help shape their own future and supporting them in their own environment and social context. It envisions a just and peaceful world where no child remains unhealthy, goes hungry, is unschooled or uncared for, or suffers violence.

As a child-focused organization, terre des hommes Germany– India Programme aims to support children, women and their communities, irrespective of gender, caste and religion, by finding them the most suitable ways to improve their lives without separating them from their cultural and social environment. terre des hommes strongly believes in active participation by the children in their communities and in process empower and enable themselves to shape their won future.

terre des hommes Germany – India Programme focuses its endeavours on equal educational and development opportunities for children, youth and their communities regardless of their religion, gender or race and envisions a world in which survival is guaranteed for all children, no child is exploited and where economic and social justice and peace prevail.


terre des hommes Germany-India Programme supports initiatives that promote the socio-economic wellbeing and empowerment of marginalised groups with focus on activities and alliances that mobilize public opinion and create awareness on issues of children’s and women’s rights. We think of these as Springboards. Destination Unknown- Children on the Move looks at the issues surrounding children displaced due to war, poverty, disaster etc). Other springboards are Campaign Against Child Labour (CACL). Our other priorities are ecological and environmental rights of children.

Child Safeguarding Policy

terre des hommes Germany – India Programmes is bound by this Child Safeguarding Policy which ensures a benchmark and practical guide for the staff of terre des hommes Germany, the German terre des hommes Foundation and the association members in their work and contact with children. It also calls on our project and cooperation partners, volunteers and donors to take responsibility for the same.

The focal persons for this policy are:

Name Designation Responsible for
Ingrid Mendonca Regional Coordinator Entire region
Priscilla Nathaniel Programme Officer Southern Zone
Koel Chowdhury Programme Coordinator Eastern Zone
Ritu Mishra Programme Coordinator Northern Zone
Sampat Mandave Programme Coordinator Western Zone

View Child Safeguarding Policy:   English   |    Hindi

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

terre des hommes Germany – India Programme has a Committee on “Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace”. The committee meets every 2-3 months and takes up issues emerging from staff in relation to sexual harassment at workplace. In case there is any complaint or suggestion that is inappropriate kindly follow the details in link: Committee for prevention of sexual harassment

Whistle blower policy

terre des hommes Germany supports around 100 NGOs in different parts of the region. There have been several challenges in administration and financial monitoring while trying to empower children and youth. We aspire to be an organisation that is transparent and has standards about corruption and other related issues. This has been detailed in our manual. In case there is any issue pertaining to malpractices of any staff of tdh or any of the partner organisations we would be very happy to hear from you.  Kindly go through the link below and please write to us at concern@tdh.de

View Whistle blower policy

Gender policy

terre des hommes Germany is an equal employer. We encourage and expect that all staff and partner organisations treat women as equals with dignity and respect. The details of our gender policy can be found in the link below. In case you are either a staff or a part of a programme supported by tdh and be unfairly treated for any reason kindly write to us at i.mendonca@tdh.de

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