Struggle to be Self-reliant – Sneha Bankar

Sneha, with her school- going brother was brought up solely by her mother. After she finished school she wanted to find a career which would help support her family and also provide opportunities for her own growth. Sneha heard of the Hospitality Training Programme conducted by Pratham Educational Trust, Aurangabad, a project supported by Volkswagen Employment Foundation, and decided to join the Food and Beverage Service Course.

When the course started she found that she was the only girl in the course but she was determined to finish what she had started. With the support of the Pratham Team she completed the training and was given a placement in a PACE Hotel where she did well. She has been offered a job paying Rs 8000 a month and a free meal. Sneha is now able to contribute financially to the family and is excited about her career in the Hospitality industry.