Empowering Communities: Addressing Local Challenges with Local Solutions

Amba, a village in the Bothi Panchayat of Harda district, Madhya Pradesh, is known for the peaceful co-existence of the Korku and Gond tribal communities. The village consists of 61 households with a population of 200-250, including 166 children. Despite its potential, the village has been facing significant water scarcity issues.

Synergy Sansthan, in collaboration with TDH France, has been working with the Gond tribal communities in 10 villages, including Amba, to enhance their education and nutritional well-being. Amba village experiences severe water scarcity, in spite of three tube wells and two dug wells. The primary reason behind this issue is the lack of proper management of these water sources by the government authorities. The regular breakdown of pumps and high fluctuations in electricity supply further exacerbate the problem. As a result, the water supply to the village is disrupted, and community members are compelled to travel long distances to fetch water. Women and young girls bear the burden of water collection, often sacrificing their education and other activities.

In May 2023, the water scarcity issue again came to the forefront when women expressed their struggles in collecting a small amount of water for domestic use. The Synergy Sansthan team and women members of the group-initiated discussions to find a solution. During the meeting, action points were identified to address the water scarcity issue. A list of action points was prepared and assigned to different group members. Initially, a letter was sent to the gram panchayat (local government body) requesting the installation of low voltage pumps. This was not possible for the local government due to limited funds. The women members then approached the public engineering department and within ten days, all three high voltage pumps were replaced with low voltage pumps.

The availability of water has had a significant impact on the village community. Women are now relieved of the additional burden of water collection, allowing them to focus on household work and have sufficient rest. Children have more time to dedicate to their studies and play. The gram panchayat has assured the maintenance of the pumps whenever required, ensuring sustainable access to water for the community.