Shoyeb Resumes School…

Nine year old Shoyeb had been a topper in school doing well in academics and sports. His father is an auto driver and mother domestic worker. Both of them have lost their jobs during the lockdown Though the family received the food ration from the Government Public Distribution System they needed other essentials and groceries. Shoyeb’s parents decided to set up a mobile
fruit shop on the pavement of Mysore city. The schools were closed and Shoyeb was made to manage the shop in the mornings while his parents tried to find other low paying jobs and took
care of the household chores.

The Childline team of RLHP in Mysore India, found Shoyeb selling fruits on the street and enquired with his parents about his education. Though the parents assured them that he would be continuing his education once the school starts, the RLHP team sensitized the parents that sending him for work even during the holidays is not acceptable as per the rights of the child. Further the team assured the parents that they could seek the help of RLHP if they found it difficult to send children to school in the coming months or required any alternate sources of income. And Shoyeb started going back to school….